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flickr photo; Cloud Atlas; by Lyricis

flickr photo by Lyricis

This part reminded me a lot of Second Life and living in virtual reality.

flickr photo by Lyricis

I’ve really been looking forward to this film since I first saw the trailer and I wasn’t disappointed at all. My concerns that it would be depressing and hopeless were relieved; it’s amazing and uplifting for me and fits in with my agenda for inspiring, transformative and happy endings. I loved everything about it except for some of the reviews I read by people who experienced the film much differently than I did. I’ll quit reading reviews.

One of the things I liked best were the worlds created. Seoul in the 2100’s is fascinating and  scary; I loved the historical scenes and the off-world of the future was lovely.  I’d prepared adequately for an almost 3 hour film and after concentrating a bit much to catch on in the beginning I was soon really getting into it.

The costumes, make-up, music and cinematography are excellent. There’s no need to work too hard to figure out which famous actor is under the make-up because that’s shown when the credits roll at the end.

The messages about how we’re all connected, how our kindnesses and cruelty are creating our futures, about boundaries being conventions for us to transcend and how important it is to speak up and do the right thing for freedom are all something I can get behind. I’ve seen that ridiculed in reviews as being simplistic but when I look around I see that many of my fellow humans haven’t got the word yet, what with all the narcissists around and the sociopaths running corporations and running for public office.

Most of the film is beautiful and I simply closed my eyes at the gross, bloody and scary moments. There are some disturbing scenes but as a whole the film worked well for me.

It was intense much of the time and by the time the painted cannibals were looking for their comrade who’s throat had been slit in the hut I was wondering if I could take much more. But it all worked out and I left the theater feeling energized instead of drained.

For those who like explosions and chases there’s plenty of that too. And sometimes  I laughed, mostly when the old people broke out of the old people’s home and then went to a Scottish bar.

Hugo Weaving makes such a splendid bad guy.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and mostly I wrote this just to express myself. I have no idea if anyone else I know or who reads this will like it. Doesn’t matter to me right now. There’s no accounting for taste.