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That’s Wren floating in the air. I haven’t taken any virtual reality photography classes and photography isn’t something I’m good at in real life. Floating in the air is the only way I knew how to get a snapshot here. Just because there are fabulously amazing photos of the Grand Canyon in existence doesn’t keep people from taking photos of their family there, right?

That’s the front of my cottage. I’ve put down about six one prim grass patches.

Here’s the back of the cottage.  Some of the neighbors have nothing on their islands but palm trees and foliage so I have some good views. There are a few available islands near me and some with just a house plopped down as far as I can tell.

Front lawn. Wren is standing on the ground now.

This set had more nice pieces but I didn’t want to use the prim units.

I filled spaces with low-prim rugs, pictures and plants after I put in major furniture. Wren even has a washer and dryer which is good because she wears the same outfit every day.

There’s a Landmark Folder given with clubs, a nude beach, an airport and other places for those who like to socialize. There’s also a Shopping Center and a 9/11 Memorial. I could visit those places to blog about one of these days.

There are different size parcels of land for sale here and information about the tier structures readily available. I’ve also seen some really good, more detailed objects for those who can have 1000 prims on their property.

I’ve enjoyed this and it wasn’t too difficult to figure out so far. My viewer crashes a lot it seems and there’s awkwardness but I’ve felt surprisingly patient.