These are some of the free houses I rezzed on my island in the virtual world of Island Oasis. It was the first time I’d ever rezzed a house or anything this large and some very odd things happened. They all needed to be unpacked; then when I rezzed them they would often land on my head causing me to sink into the sea when I tried to walk out from under them.

My first choice, the Tiki one used up almost all the prims and all the space. It had blinds that could be put up or down. Most of these houses don’t have doors yet, which is fine on an island.

Surprising to me, the one I chose is the top one, the windmill cottage. It is 85 prims of the 280 allotment. Actually when I read the object count in About Land it indicated 85 prims. Two are already there, maybe the rental box, so you have 278 to work with.

The Second House is the Loft House which is 85 prims also. I wasn’t able to figure out how to get up the stairs. There’s a wall sconce which is clickable and has  hud options. I endured some silly disasters and will store the house for awhile.

The third house is the Victorian Lady which is 203 prims. That’s too many for my purposes here.

The fourth one would be my second choice and it’s only 65 prims. It has grunge graffiti on the outside which I wasn’t in the mood for but might very well use for variety sometime.

There’s also a log cabin, a garden house which was shown in the top photo yesterday and several others. These are available from the area where you join the IO group (activation of which allows you to rez) and where the rule signs are. There’s a photo in yesterdays post.

In the Mall are business buildings like a Spa, skating rinks and others which I don’t recall at the moment. The islands are residential only. I picked up a Spa building which is huge just to look at it rezzed.

I believe most of the staff is in Europe. There were more people here than I’d seen before at 5:00 a.m. SLT.

Tomorrow I’ll show photos of how I decorated.