There’s no way I’m leaving Second Life soon. I’m only 14 months old there and this week I intend to visit BURN2 and join the Darkmoon Isle sim. I’ve very recently signed up for Island Oasis, another virtual reality site and I want to share that in case anyone’s interested.

Yesterday I set up my house, furnished it and I’m very pleased. I think this is going to take about 3 posts to show a lot of what I did and today I want to backtrack a little to the beginning.

In Second Life I use the latest version of their viewer. There’s a choice of viewers for Island Oasis and Hippo OpenSim is “best for Windows 7” so that’s the one I chose and it’s all right. The laptop I use for virtual reality is a European model with a better graphics card than my old Dell and IO doesn’t recognize it. But that hasn’t been a problem.

About my awkward avatar. She’s bits and pieces of a freebie. There are much more glamorous ones; I’ve seen them. The currency used is $Ps and I know nothing about the economy. There’s a way to convert $Ls into $Ps but it sounds too boring to figure out. I don’t have nearly enough readers to do boring things for this blog.

Anyway, I’ve never earned Lindens in SL; they’ve all been purchased so I was thinking it might be fun to get by on free stuff until I see how this works out and well….just to do it. There are free shops offered to those who make things to sell  which I find very interesting but I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. I really do have cognitive challenges, short term memory problems, etc. and this ought to be fun.

Yesterday was the first day I talked to anyone here. The owner fixed my error of renting an expired island with someone else’s things still on it. The first photo is a head shot of me (Wren Grey) in the garden house I was a squatter in for four days.

The prim returns on expired island rentals are done manually by the staff. I now have my own island and I picked up several free houses. I rezzed them one at a time to check out how many prims they had for the 280 limit; it was either that or trespass into neighbors houses to see what they look like.

I also furnished the house and landscaped the island, using 280 prims and I believe I did a great job. There is a mall where you can obtain a free avatar, clothes, shoes, jewelry, business buildings, poses, an AO, plants and really anything you might need. Almost all of it is made by an owner, Sugar Paolino.

I picked up a few modest outfits that cover Wren’s body and I’m glad they exist. I feel no hurry to fix up her appearance and am instead interested in learning to make things when I have some time. I feel less intimidated here. I toyed with the idea of leaving her slightly overweight and may do that at some point, although I believe in health as a way to model. I applaud people for who they are and what they accomplish with what they have to work with rather than appearance.

The restroom photo was taken in the Mall. It’s amusing to me when restrooms are made available for the comfort of our avatars. In Second Life there’s a fabulous one in the Age of England roleplay welcome area.

Here I was thrilled when Wren found a room full of free textures and later found a sandbox with instructions on signs around it. One of the staff friended me yesterday and has offered help if I have questions about building. I understand that he’s very busy as are most of the staff.

This whole beginner situation is something I missed in the early stages of SL since I came so very late to that party while the old timers were saying it’s dying.

I’ll need to make excellent use of my time if I’m going to do all I want to do for the next few months, inworld as well as real life.  Please don’t suggest an intervention; overbooking, and over-commitment are my MO and I get more done than when I make “reasonable” schedules for a several month span of time.

Virtual Worlds are a healthy pastime for me as it isn’t critical in the way my real life projects and concerns are.

Tomorrow I’ll show photos of about five of the houses I picked up and tell a little about them. If you’ve read this far, thank you very much!