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I may be burned out regarding roleplay but I can usually find enthusiam for helping to set up a home.

I used an online Medieval name generator because I might want to play at Darkmoon Isle and I got the name Catherine Thornton, but I’ll probably use the name Wren Alcyone again because I like it.

After reading blogs about BURN2, I think I should go. I want to go. I’m beginning two huge real life projects and I’m also inspired to do NaNoWriMo for fun again this year. Yes, this will be challenging but I’m not going to whine, especially about something self-generated. I won’t be writing much about NaNo or putting it in my tags at all. It’s time to fine tune my distraction filtering skills which I admit are not great. Other skills I’m developing and practicing will get a workout too. It seems that the cloudy, restless, dissatisfied feeling I’ve been having has been a precursor of creative ideas wanting to be born when I’ve been believing that I’m not ready.

I’ve been doing extra housework and stocking up on healthy snacks for November because that area of my life is likely to suffer. I’ve given people a heads up and will not be listening to laments, whining and repeated problems. It’s come to my attention how much energy I lose from letting bullshit creep into my life from other people. I don’t have time for it either and it’s something I’ve been running and hiding from.

I don’t use escapism much to avoid what I have to deal with that’s my own responsibility. I’ve had way more than my share of weird tragedies, burdens and suffering and have built an eccentric, positive, effective life around them. Being an empath has made it hard sometimes to walk away from others but I’ve had to become way more discerning. I’d much rather express what I’ve learned in creative projects now and to simply model my life than attempt to answer those who simply aren’t ready to get it.

This is a new level and wow, I had no intention to write about this when I began my post about spending inworld time helping set up a Medieval fireplace and looking at carpet textures.

I certainly may drop some of these balls I’m juggling quite often. This I have experience with. It all makes for some amazing dreams while I’m sleeping. And I really believe it adds light to the world.