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Pearl acquired this axe.

While exploring the Medieval countryside, Pearl chopped some wood for a family that wasn’t at home. Noticing that there was an ample supply of axes and that hers had become attached, she kept it as a sort of fashion accessory and carried it with her as she journeyed on.

She encountered a 1000 year old Vampire shortly thereafter and found herself explaining that she wasn’t a warrior but was instead simply passing through.

The greatest danger from the axe appears to be to herself as the way she swings it around while walking comes perilously close to splitting her skull open or whacking her thigh. She remains unruffled by that.

She hasn’t been carrying it with her recently but it’s readily available along with her collection of red roses, quill pens, cups of coffee, glasses of red wine, datapads, automatic weapons, books, chickens, balloons and such.