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The Cherry Park

The Cherry Park

The Cherry Park

Recently I visited The Cherry Park which is the creation of Cherry Manga. There were lots of magical things to see and even a mysterious haunted tower. I’ll have a few more photos tomorrow.

It was an enjoyable experience. I needed the break after signing up for an account at Island Oasis, which was an impulse decision after reading this. It wasn’t too difficult. I messed up getting my free island there but otherwise I’m doing O.K. for  the amount of time I had to learn.

The rental box for the free island needs to be clicked on once a week, which makes sense so they aren’t totally abandoned. The rules state that if it isn’t, the resident’s prims will be returned. I flew around and saw what looked like empty islands but on closer inspection they were rented. I got a bit hasty and when I saw a pink “available” rental box I clicked it and then noticed that someone had a gazebo, chairs and plants on the island. It seemed her items weren’t automatically returned when the rental expired and I never meant to grab someone’s space out from under them. I’ve put in a notecard about it and hope there is no awkwardness.

What surprised me the most is that I’m now interested in learning to build. When I saw all the free textures available and found the sandbox with all the instructions on signs along the fence I was suddenly less intimidated about learning to make  things. I might still be traumatized by how challenging Second Life was for me to learn. It’s difficult for me to learn things when other people are around, both in real life and in virtual reality.

My avatar is named Wren Grey there. She isn’t as pretty as Pearl but we won’t tell her that. She has no interest at all in role play or dancing so I guess she isn’t much fun. But it seems she wants to try to make furniture and houses.