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I love this atmosphere and my new favorite outfit.

I’m not into Halloween much but it’s almost everywhere in Second Life right now. I’ve returned to Barkerville in Malaika Park several times because I like the theme and also taking photos there. This most recent time I went I noticed they have a contest for writing a story about what happened there. I don’t have all the details because I’m not doing it but the stories will be voted on and the winner will get a healthy amount of Lindens.

That’s me laying my head on the table but I’m really still alive.

The music stream they have going is awesome as well as the ambient sounds. The outfit I’m wearing is Medieval and I don’t recall if it was free or I bought it but it’s my favorite thing to wear now. It’s warm and autumn-like, has boots and there are knives and other little gadgets on the belt for traveling. I think I’ll wear it everywhere for awhile, even if I go to a club.

 My favorite place is the huge mausoleum. It appears to be by PRAVDA Dark Couture.

Posing in a Peaceful Place

I’m likely to visit again. Say hello if you’re there for story research purposes. I’d be happy to pose for a photo for it as long as I can wear this outfit.