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Theater in Age of England sim

My human went to see Argo this afternoon and really liked it. Frankly she’s been in quite a mood lately, disgusted with role models in Hollywood and the behavior in Second Life. In particular she’s resentful of the ways that are shown for women to  be. She almost didn’t go to see this film thinking it would be too harsh or even kind of boring but she’s feeling quite uplifted by it. Here’s what she has to say:

What an awesome film. I have no idea how they even got it made. It’s a great story and would be so even if they hadn’t based it on a true one.

The use of original photos and television broadcasts in the film as well as how the music of the era is placed is very well done. So is the pacing. The characters are believable although the mob rage is very hard to watch. Even though I was aware that it had a happy ending it was very, very intense. So many things could have gone wrong and it could have ended very badly and I don’t want to think about how many times other situations haven’t ended so well.

It was uplifting to see the risks and care that people took to keep fellow humans safe instead of the crap I see all too much of. I could kind of understand how the C.I.A. guy played by Ben Affleck could have it together when he was working alone but how he could stay so calm when the people he was trying to help were so hesitant and argumentative was amazing. I would have yelled at them.

There was enough humor and banter to ease the tension. I think it’s an excellent film. If you see it, please stay for the photos and bits at the end. Well done.