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Darkmoon Isle Medieval Sim

Sometimes my human simply stares and blinks as someone insists on addressing her as though their assumptions and perceptions are who she really is. Usually she has the strength and integrity to be true to herself but if she’s tired and distracted she might possibly slide into “what you see is what you get”.  If she’s addressed as someone clumsy and dull, it does have an effect on her.

When she’s more on her game, she can be careful not to allow someone’s perception to activate a part of her that she doesn’t care to express. Being basically kind, she tends to give the person the benefit of the doubt as to their motives.

Several weeks ago I visited several Medieval role play sims after my disappointment in not finding a stable home. Darkmoon Isle is a relatively new one and is a beautiful build. I wore an OOC Observer tag as I looked around and took photos. I wore a lovely Victorian gown instead of changing clothes yet again. I believed it was close enough for my purposes.

As a medieval character, I very much want to be a small folk instead of a Noble. As a resident in general, I dress conservatively to aid the issue of who I am and the level of respect I want.

On this sim I encountered a Knight who didn’t seem to notice my Observer tag and insisted on addressing me as M’Lady. The sim uses the LaRPs meter for rp and I wasn’t wearing that either but he seemed determined to stay in character and engage me.

I don’t expect anyone to notice the difference between a Victorian and a Medieval gown. I know I’ve encountered residents whose race or gender I was clueless about. In particular, some of the furries can act quite offended when I’m unable to determine their species. Why not simply correct someone when their perception is inaccurate?

I repeated myself to the Knight until he got it. Other residents I’ve met inworld have seemed to expect I take their lead and go along with being whomever it is they seem to be addressing. I’m not inclined to do that at all and neither is my human.