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The Babel ~ by the Japanese music group Chouchou. This is listed in the Destination Guide in Photogenic Spots.

Several weeks ago when Pearl ventured into the 21st century for some contemporary clothes, she visited some sims in her new outfit, one of which was this atmospheric area. There were other intelligent, mannerly residents visiting as well. It was a pleasant break.

Once again, Pearl learns she has amazing piano skills.

“Real Life” ~

Yesterday on my blog, someone asked me this:

“Yes, a good thing for everyone to do. What do you think about me comparing myself to what I want to become? Is that the same thing? I’m content with who I am now, happy many times—but I also envision who I may become, looking forward to that me as well. What do you think? How do we improve on ourselves without comparing ourselves, at least to our ideals?”

Some of my thoughts at the moment are about how improvement is more enjoyable when it happens organically and is self-directed and self-paced. It seems to “take” better too.

When I’ve pushed myself to change from a place of feeling broken and defective, I seem to do more harm than good. Beating myself up because I feel inferior just seems to get the energetic message out to others that they can line up to do so as well.

I’m all for envisioning who we might become and looking forward to it. When things stay as they are for too long, things start breaking down. Usually before that can happen to me I get inner signals of boredom and restlessness. Humanity depends on people saying “what if” and finding ways for us to move forward and then presenting that or modeling it for others.

It’s fine to enjoy being able to walk one mile daily and when you start daydreaming about walking two miles when you have time, that seems like a good direction to go in. Telling yourself you’re kind of lame because your neighbor can do so much more–not good and many of us tend to do that in some areas in our lives.

Take blogging–I’ve read some excellent blogs and just because sometimes it’s challenging for me to string several sentences together and my blog likely wouldn’t make sense to a lot of people–that isn’t enough for me to just give up on something I enjoy as I learn what kind of blogger I can be. So I don’t compare but I also pay attention to my expanded ideas about blogging.

I’d hope we’d all be different and better people in two or five years and who better to decide what that would mean than each person for themselves? There have been times in my life when I’ve attracted a lot of criticism and gotten suggestions of what I should do to be “better”. It was usually in the direction of being someone the other person thought they needed me to be.

But when I envision a future me that brings more clarity, joy, competency and efficiency into the world I really pay attention. I want to focus, practice and move in that direction like a flower might follow the sun. And I certainly don’t want to look back at who I was two and five years ago and tell myself I’m a lazy idiot because now I have more wisdom than I did back then.