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This whole weekend I’ve mostly been laying flat on my back with a far infrared heating pad under me. Since I’m functioning better than yesterday and I’ve made this journey many times, I’ll mention it today. It’s also a clue about why I had time to join SL. As I’ve mentioned before, my blog isn’t about my major challenges, it’s a distraction from them when I’ve done every responsible thing I’m able to do.

What affected/affects my body also does so with my mind which is a clue about why I’m determined to express myself without comparing myself to others, which is actually a good thing for everyone to do.

Somewhere on Surrey Keep

I did so want to go for a walk today and also do things with my hands at home. Chopping veggies and doing some cooking gave me enough of that and I feel satisfied that my day is being well lived. I hope you’re feeling that way about your day as well, whatever your circumstances and whatever you chose to do.