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I still belong to the new Role Play Centre and get notices when I log in. I look at them and most get deleted if they mention Gor, Vampires or the word Dark. (It’s fine with me if other people enjoy them.) One notice tempted me to visit the sim so I got the landmark, read the rules and put on the Observers OOC tag.

From what I’ve read The City of Phoenix began early this year and the residents in charge seem to be positive about their future. They’re expanding with two more sims. It’s urban roleplay and seems to be more focused on vehicles, fire and police departments without over-the-top violence. I visited on Saturday night which might be why there were only about four other residents there. It’s a clean city and not overly grungy. Many of the store fronts are just that–fronts although there are rentals available for businesses. I got lost in places where a vehicle would have been more appropriate and after falling down through the street, I teleported back to the welcome center and began again.

welcome center

first view of the city

art gallery

some graffiti and lots of roads

There’s a bike rezzer and it looks like someone is asleep.

Every place needs a cemetery

First time I’ve seen traffic signals in SL and I became aware I’d done quite a bit of jaywalking here.

Pearl, like her typist, is into healthy food and was happy to find a farmer’s market.

It appeared to me that it’s a well-run sim although I’m doubtful about enough population as with most sims. I wish them the best.