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This is where Pearl is sitting right now, having a rest and some tea as she has a conversation with those little birds, while her typist writes this post. There are three other residents on the sim with her; I looked at their profiles and I doubt they’ll bother her.

I found Alirium because of at least two blog posts here and the most recent one provided a SLurl so it was easy to teleport.  I’m faithless enough that I don’t provide SLurls. Too many sims have vanished for me too quickly. For example, recently I’ve enjoyed taking photos in a design set that the designer made available for models to use but it is, perhaps only temporarily, gone.

Pearl is visiting with a rainbow lizard.

I’m not sure what Pearl is standing in but her typist is made miserable by goldenrod pollen.

This was a cute little place to hang out in but I liked the outdoors better.

With the sun on region settings, Pearl was soon bathed in different lighting as her typist multi-tasked.