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Taking a tea break. Wondering where everyone has gone to.

Waiting, waiting, waiting

A peaceful evening

The whole city to my myself.

The Twin Kings Publick House.

I rearranged my real life schedule to cover a roleplay event last Saturday for the Legacies Nexus Gazette.  It was cancelled. I didn’t buy a ticket with roleplay coins ahead of time because this sort of thing happens a lot.

Yes, stuff happens. Real life comes first, but at least one of the residents who was going to host the gala was roleplaying her personal story at the time instead and posting it in residents chat. I’ve no idea why. Frequently I’m simply bewildered.

I get it that it’s bad to have drama and negativity in OOC chat. In my opinion, all too often it goes to the other extreme with silence and cryptic so-called explanations. I’ve been hanging in there longer than most in some of these roleplay sims and feeling like a fool for doing so.

The idea of ongoing, immersive roleplay with a storyline and relationships sounds great on paper to me. Having a “country” and a “community” where stories and characters develop is appealing. Maybe it’s the dwindling of Second Life, the stresses of the time we live in or apathy that makes this not work in actuality. Perhaps it worked here before my time and I’m really late to the party.

Far too many of the residents that come and go treat roleplay like a video game where it’s all about picking off victims or scoring by converting others to becoming a demon or whatever they are. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Apparently it’s fine to stand people up repeatedly, to be inconsiderate of others and have your word mean not much at all. It’s only SL; no real reason to have any integrity.

So the little dark groups can have the whole sims to themselves. I’ve given up my Serenity Falls rental. Sure, it isn’t a lot of money but I can give it to the street musicians as I walk around running errands in real life instead. I’ll find something else to explore in SL.

I still have two weeks left on my Torn Oak rental. No one’s been around for weeks when I’ve been there. It brings me down.

I’ve put a lot of work into my character’s avatar and backstory. I don’t just pull characters and backstories out of my butt so they can be killed in one hour. I’m not here to be a target in a video game.

Like I said, great idea on paper but it doesn’t appear to be working. I’ll do other things and revisit the whole thing when I feel like it.

I’m keeping the blog and staying in SL.