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The idea of a virtual world is amazing in my imagination but the “reality” of much of it is disappointing. I see a lot that doesn’t impress me and I struggle sometimes with feeling I’m wasting my time looking for something worthwhile. When I think back to my initial enthusiasm about being a part of a role-play community and using imagination and creativity to write and act I feel sad for another dream falling apart. It somehow connects me to all the abandoned and poorly done projects in real life, all the times people I counted on let me down and it reminds me that often things are difficult to manifest and maintain.

My field isn’t education, technology, social media or anything that might involve SL professionally. I simply bring a curiosity, imagination, desire for socializing and play and yet I wish to do so in a conscious and thoughtful way as I do with many things I choose to engage with.

I’m delighted when surprised with something that amazes me in a good way, and so it was when I was exploring Sci-Fi areas and discovered the roleplay sim of the Science Innovation Company, or SIC. As usual with most sims, when I was there the place was empty except for one or two random residents for awhile. It’s described as a Blade Runner-inspired roleplay sim, but I don’t believe there’s groups to join. Perhaps people who like to play together just show up?

There’s an underground level shop with weapons and such for sale, but it things seem to be unstructured. In the street were the occasional robot thingies for people who like combat.

I’m very impressed with the build and spent a lot of time wandering around and I found much of it beautiful. I like every photo I took, something that’s never happened to me before. I felt comfortable and safe walking around and when I was finished I felt satisfied and good about my experience there.

Part of the time it was raining. In the third photo, Pearl had just had a bunch of boxes, papers and other trash fall on her and the street around her.