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Kylemore Abbey, Connemara; Photo credit: Jeremy Thompson; Flickr Creative Commons

The west of Ireland is a harshly beautiful place. The Irish television show, Single-Handed is filmed there, although the fascinating Abbey in the photo above was not a setting. The DVD has been recommended to me by Amazon for years now and I never considered it because of the way the cover looked, the actor wearing the unflattering hat of the Irish police. Then it began to be recommended to me on Hulu and again I thought it would be dull.

Finally I watched it and I love it! Being curious, I checked reviews of it and read some harsh, dismissive remarks. No matter, I think it’s awesome.

Mostly I love the sense of place and cinematography. There are lots of scenes of the countryside and the Garda Sergeant Jack Driscoll played by Owen McDonnell spends just enough time driving around to see it and make sense of the way of life there. The interiors of the cottages and pubs are  interesting to me also. The soundtrack is beautiful; more and more I find television music to be abrasive and annoying.

The stories aren’t over-the-top gross and violent. I did notice that I’m so conditioned to being startled by American and British television that when the actors would get into a car or go into a house deep in thought I’d be on edge as though something was about to explode or there would be an attack. There was an odd sort of passive behavior by the bad guys when confronted by the police. Really not many hospitable places to run and hide. Some of the stories were very sad, of course. Jack Driscoll is a flawed character, as all humans are and he makes some foolish choices.

It was good to see some actors I like from other shows, Simone Lahbib from Monarch of the Glen, Caroline Catz from Doc Martin and Matthew McNulty from  Misfits. Not all the episodes are available yet, I think, so I’m looking forward to seeing them somehow, somewhere.

I’ve watched some of the new fall shows and didn’t like any of them. Maybe “Revolution” and that’s mostly because of the sets and Billy Burke. Really, I won’t be able to focus on objective reality 24/7. I’m having issues with my leisure time in SL, which I’ll keep to myself until I work through it. It’s difficult for me to read a whole book now but I’m reading a Walter Mosley who’s one of my favorite authors. This one is called All I Did Was Shoot My Man. I believe the man’s a genius.