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“Join the celebrations at the three-day International Peace Event at Nirvana Island, held the weekend of September 21–23. Over 40 spiritual organizations, musicians and performers will gather on Nirvana Island in a celebration of peace and unity in honor of the United Nations International Day of Peace, which is a day devoted to commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples.”

I went for awhile on Friday. There are lots of notecards offered on first arrival. It was pleasing to me that some of the information was available in Arabic, French, Russian, German, Italian and Spanish.

There was a disconnect for me between the mood I was in and the presentations. This fair is listed in the Featured Events and there were several noobs with starter avatars bumping into me and greeting me with “hiiiiiiiii”. I found I needed to ignore them. /me sighs.

Things aren’t always easy.

There was obviously a lot of work, thought and collaboration put into this. If you’re curious about spiritual things there are resources here to point you in directions in a kind of SL way.