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Insilico North sim


I’ve been given medical clearance to do some traveling. I’m adjusting to the implant well enough and feel like getting out of Insilico North for awhile. I’m keeping my room and booked a round-trip day flight to a place called Bonifacio. I’m not sure of the timeline and saw nothing indicating the date.  I was the only one there.

Nexus Prime ~ Bonifacio

I felt comfortable even though no one else was around.

I’m not scientifically minded but I’ve heard of Tesla.

A tribute to Tesla

I was unable to get into the building but I lingered as the place is quite a bit cleaner that the city where the data jack was implanted into my head. I didn’t really want to return but I was getting hungry and sleepy.

It’s been a relief not to be around dangerous situations but the hyper-vigilance remains. The conditioning of my nervous system is unfortunate but this is what I have to work with.