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I stopped by the Serenity Falls sim to pay my apartment rent on Tuesday and enjoyed some role play. Thanks to Spatterdash for cleaning up the rp log and posting it to the Legacies website where I copy/pasted from.

Bill Fastway walks slowly in, sparing his injured foot. He is old looking, and has an ugly scar. “Afternoon all…” he says, in a scarcely friendly voice.

Pearl Grey turns to look with curiosity at the old man who’s just addressed them.

Lux Tharnaby does a double take. “Greetings sir. I mistook you for someone I know. I’m Dr. Lux Tharnaby.

“Naia turns to see who has entered. She gives the man a steady unblinking feline gaze. After several moments she says. “Afternoon sir. Who are you?”

Bill Fastway nods. “I see, a sawbones… good body of men, often making good bodies of men… hah.” he hawks, breathing badly for a bit, but does not spit onto the floor. “William Fastway, Missy, appointed by Mister Spats to look after his interest while he’s off on business….”

Naia lifts one eyebrow. “What business interest are you looking after? Are you a doctor also?”

Pearl Grey arches a brow, hesitates and then goes ahead and asks. “Oh, I didn’t know Dr Spatterdash had left the island. I noticed he’s moved out of the apartment next to mine.” She listens avidly for the man to answer Naia.

Lux Tharnaby beckons him over. “Sit and talk with us sir.”

Bill Fastway smiles cruelly, rubbing his chin where there is another deep scar… “Doctor, eh…. No, missy, not a doctor as such… though I do know how to break most of the bones in the body, and how to keep someone alive for *days* ….” Something in his tone suggests he does not mean healthy walks and nutritious foods. “Why, that’s awfully kind of you, sir, I think I shall …” He walks with a slow, measured tread, limping slightly.

Naia being a fussy feline she pulls her tail up and around her so if the man takes a seat he will not touch her tail ” Yes , do join us ” she adds though without a smile. Hearing his words she seems to lean closer to Dr Lux

Pearl Grey gathers her things a little closer to her and shifts away with just a slight frown.

Lux Tharnaby looks the man over, noticing his strained gait. “So Spatterdash hired you to look after his affairs eh? What might that entail then, Fastway, er, sir?”

Bill Fastway rests his tired old bones upon the stool, and raps his walking stick on the bar, marking the surface. “SHOP!” He bawls at the top of his lungs, though the two staff are already there, waiting to serve him. “Give me a shot, … I’ve had the beer here, it’s like making love in a canoe. FAST!” He barks… He turns to look at Doctor Tharnaby.. ” That would be what we call. .” He heals forward, his vile-smelling breath seeming to fill the area. ” Privilished information, squire… It’sh need to know… and you don’t..”

Pearl Grey looks at the man out of the corner of her eye. “I must say, I know Dr Spatterdash. He must have left in a hurry if it’s you that he…….” She stops and merely shakes her head.

Naia’s nose crinkles and she sneezes as her senses are assaulted by Bill’s vile breath. Making a face of displeasure as she leans closer to Dr Lux. she ask. ” Did Dr. Spatterdash leave you a letter to confirm he appointed you to take care of his business matters?”

Lux Tharnaby stares, brow furrowed. “What’s your name, sir?”

Bill Fastway swills the shot of gin around in his mouth, before spitting most of it back into the glass. “William Fastway, your honour..” He says, with a horrible grin.. his teeth are chiefly brown and yellow, and look like a neglected churchyard. “Appointed factotum of Mister Spatterdash, with general reshponsibility covering his affairsh ” he winks lewdly “whilsht he’sh away, burying hish dad.”

Pearl Grey leans forward and speaks to Lux. “Has anyone heard from the Doctor lately? I’d hate to think there’s been foul play and no one’s doing anything about it.” She looks suspiciously at the man next to her.

Lux Tharnaby looks to Naia as if waiting for her to flash a claw. He turns again to William Fastway with a scowl. “With no affidavit for you to show, and with no word about it from Spatterdash? I’ll wager the constables will want a look at you, Mister Fastway.”

Naia gives a soft low growl ” I know Dr. Spatterdash. I am sure he would have said something to one of us. Why would he appoint you. A virtual stranger. What do you do exactly?

Naia without waiting she continues. “Do you have access to his bank accounts?”

Pearl Grey frowns suspiciously and squints her eyes at the man, waiting for him to answer.

Bill Fastway roars with laughter at that the Stygian reek of his mouth transmitted along the bar. “They can look at me all they like, my shaushyfriend, there’sh nothing to be found here… ” He murmurs to Naia. .” I am *very* careful and *very* thorough, mishy, you shee…” He turns around to Pearl/ “Oh, he hash known me a *long* time… though he won’t have mentioned me… we go a *long* walk back, do I and Mister Spatterdash…a LONG walk back…” He turns around , laughing at the other lady’s comments. ” Ha! Ha! Ash hish factotum, it would be uselesh if I didn’t! Ha!” he takes another sip of the gin, which has been congealing quietly in the glass. “Aaah, yesh….. I have full control of hish money, hish property… everything … how could I run it if I did not?”

Lux Tharnaby looks at his watch. “I’m very late…and I must be off. ” Lux snarls. “I trust you will remain civil with the ladies, Fastway.” Lux glowers at him as he passes behind and out the door.

Naia waves goodbye to Dr. Lux

Pearl Grey waves to Lux. “We’ll be fine.” She turns to Fastway. “I’ll be asking Mrs Muircastle the first chance I get if she knows anything about why the good Doctor has gone.”

Naia shudders as she watches him take a sip of what was once gin. She quietly moves to the vacated seat of Dr. Lux. The stench of his mouth is overbearing. She think she should get a drink of gin, if for no other reason than to wash out the smell that seem to be stuck in her mouth. ” Marco. a shot of gin please. ” Then she turns to William ” Do you have quarters here William ?”

Bill Fastway laughs, and whacks his cane to the bar top, scratching it again, ” More of this weak pis– oh, exCUSE me, laydies.. This watered effluent you call gin.!” He turns to Pearl again. ” Oh, I can tell you that. He hash had to go back home, shudden like .. Hish dad had a big apoplexy , bad one … Probably not long before he’s pushing daisies…” He takes the gin, swirls it round his mouth, and spits it back into the glass again.. “Aaaah, fresh ash a mountain dew..” he belches slightly. “Ahh yesh, madam, I am well provided for indeed.. .The Shpatterdahsesh do like their little luxuriesh…” he laughs cruelly.

Pearl Grey shudders. “That may all be true, but we need to check anyway. Dr Spatterdash is an important part of this community. He’s never spoken to me of his father.” She frowns. “I hope that all will be in order as far as his accounts and business interests when he returns.” She has a doubtful look on her face.

Naia sips some gin and notices the stench from Bill doesn’t seem so bad. She pipes up ” OHI knew about Dr Spatterdash father. The thing is they didn’t get along . Not at all”

Pearl Grey nods. “Perhaps the illness will change things in that regard.” She looks at Fastway. “So, you really aren’t going to tell us what business you’re here to manage for him?”

Naia growls softly , ” The business of taking all of Dr. Spatterdash’s money .”

Bill Fastway chuckles harshly.. ” Oh, yesh, she wash one of hish… Shir Robert had her… ” he pauses, lewdly. ” At the Royal College of Mushic, I think … Called her hish Golden Joachim… They fell out, though… father and shon, becaushe of hish winching, drinking, and drugsh.. ” he puts his hand to his mouth in a parody of shock ” Oopsh, forget I shaid that…” He takes some more of the gin, then looks into Pearl’s eyes, his own weaving slightly. “Ha! I am running the boarding houshe for him, and enshuring hish apartment ish kept in the manner he likesh it..” he stops suddenly, and spins around to Naia. ” Shtrong wordsh, mishy, very shtrong indeed … stealing money from Doctor Shpatter ish like stealing water from the deshert … you’ve got to be quick to do it….. and I ain’t , shee? ” he leans towards her menacingly. ” I shaid .. I’m *very* thorough..”

Pearl Grey frowns. “You mean the Doctor’s father when you mention wenching, drinking and drugs? Dr Spatterdash has always behaved as a gentleman as far as I know.” She still looks skeptical.

Naia does not lean back as William leans forward. Holding her ground, she clicks long claws of her right hand upon the counter top. Her voice low and steady ” I too am very thorough. I would hate to hear that Dr. Spatterdash suffered because of you. ” Her gaze still upon Bill she answers Pearl ” Dr Spatterdash was always a gentleman but he did have a fondness for the ladies. I am sure his father did too.

Cristof de Brabant walks in and takes a seat at one of the tables. Glances over to the group at the bar…” Evening.” watches and just waits.

Pearl Grey gives a quick glance at the man who enters and then back to Fastway, with a frown on her face. “I just find it difficult to believe that he’d trust you.” She nods to Naia, indicating that she understood.

Bill Fastway chuckles swilling and spitting his gin again, breathing fumes and halitosis over pearl. “Well, it’sh ash she shaysh mishy.. Shir Robert hash a fine reputation…. theshe daysh … but the apple doeshn’t fall far from the tree, and Mister Spatterdash wash a quick shtudy… He losht hish heart ot a tart up in Shcotland, when a-shtuddyin’.. .got drunk, cut away at hish armsh and legsh… then couldn’t take the pain, and shtole opium from the hoshpital… or sho they shay… Why elshe would a ‘fine young mind'” he spits the words out, with a sneer. ” train ash a dog botherer, and never shtay more than a few monthsh in each plashe?” Eh?”

Naia turns to see who entered. Her eyes widen as her nostrils flare as she pick up the scent of Cristof. But he looks different ” Cristof? ” she asks hesitantly ” Is that you?”

Pearl Grey almost gags as Fastways breath washes over her. She fumbles in her reticule for a handkerchief with which she covers her nose and mouth, removing it only long enough to mutter. “Well, no matter. We care about his well-being now and I must say it makes me nervous that you are in charge of his affairs.” She replaces the hankie over her nose.

Naia shakes her head, thinking that the gin has her seeing things ” Cristof ? What are you doing dressed like a templar?”

Pearl Grey turns to see who Naia is addressing.

Cristof de Brabant face contorts in confusion as the man speaks.. He wasn’t very fluent in drunk, but did catch the something about legs cut off and arms.” … A man cut his arms and legs off…. Though be interesting to know how someone can cut both arms off..” blinks.” looks to Nadia and tilts head.” Ahhh, Oh oui, it’s me.. nice to see thee, been a long time, t’wasn’t sure if you survive London, but good to see thou did… Why not dress like a Templar?” a bit of amusement creeps over his usaully impassive face.*

Naia laughs “The question is why dress like one? That time is long gone.

Pearl Grey shakes her head in bewilderment at everything, still holding the hankie to block some of Fastway’s foul breath.

Naia feels the gin is making her sleepy. ” Your gin has made me sleepy ” she finishes with a giggles. Suddenly she remembers Bill. ” I think I best be going. I am sure when one is around Mr. Fastway it is best to be in complete control of ones senses ”

Cristof de Brabant: “I’m a bit archaic at times…. Sides I’m still around and I feel like it.” smirked. He made sure not to breath unless to talk, it limited the drunken smell. Umm guess the gin is doing its job? Fair thee well., again was good to see thee again.”

Pearl Grey nods. “Take care Naia.”

Naia stumbles towards the door. As she passes Cristof she reaches out as if to touch his hair. ” Nice hair… that you can keep ” then continues to weave towards the door. ” You take care Pearl.. beware of Jabberwockies… or jabberwalkies..or jabber babber. Most of all beware of Mr. Fastway

Bill Fastway lights up a horrible old dog-end form the noisome recesses of his hat and puffs contentedly – the tobacco producing an evil fug , and showering ash over the food. “Hah! Absholutely, you never know…” he turns as he speaks and takes in the sigh to the templar.. He then almost falls off his chair laughing ” My godsh, it’s St. George!” He crows, and looks at Naia ” Ay, she be the dragon, right enough… ” he looks over to Pearl, taking in the view of her bounteous cleavage. ” Sho, doesh tha’ make you the virgin shacrifiche, eh?” He guffaws, pumping more smoke out from his cigarette, the stale sweat reeking from his unwashed and rumpled clothes.

Cristof de Brabant kind of grimaces at the Saint George comment.” Umm not quite saintly and names Cristof, not George.” Blinked when man starts talking about the woman being a dragon’s virgin sacrifice, least that was what he thought he was saying.” Ummmmmm.” Shakes his head and settles back to listening.*

Pearl Grey backs away and pulls another hankie out of her reticule, folding it and placing it over her chest. “Oh do be quiet you drunken oaf, if you having nothing more of use to tell us about the doctor.” She turns to the man at the table. “Are you the owner of this place? We haven’t met. My name is Pearl Grey and I’ve been asked to interview the owner here for a piece in the Gazette. I admit I’ve not been a patron of this place. I only dropped in to speak with Dr Tharnaby who was here earlier.”

Bill Fastway stands , weaving slightly with the drink, and his injury, he whips the handkerchief from Pearl’s chest, sniffing it exaggeratedly, and murmurs into her ear something that only she would hear, The then moves slightly away, coughs horribly, cackles, and spits on the floor, then thumps off into the night.