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Taken At InSilico North


Being alone in a strange city makes me pay attention more and gives me the space to think. The data jack implant surgery was successful but I guess I hadn’t believed  it when I was told of the need for recovery time. My sensitive system is still dealing with the meds, I’m light-headed and my energy is lower than usual. Some new and fascinating track has come to light out of all this though. I do a little research about it for awhile and then sit in the coffee shop of the hotel for hours wondering about the possibilities.

Life as it is now, sucks in so many ways. How did we get here? It’s amazing how a temporary break from the matrix can clear the mind. Of course I need to link in for some things but with my vision adjusting I’m doing so at a minimum.

Walking around the city I found little hole-in-the-wall shops that sell junk and antiquities. Discovering it’s easier to read print on physical documents; something about them drew me in at a gut level too. Picking up some really old magazines and journals from around the turn of the millenium, brittle and dusty, I went back to my hotel and began to read about life in the west. My grandparents had lived in Japan all their lives at that time.

Maybe it was the meds talking but all the while I was looking through the words, my head was buzzing with the recent conversations I’ve had with Rufus about parallel time lines. He thinks I’d be happier in another one.

It looks like we got here by some bad choices and that looks like they were made because so many bought into brainwashing about something being wrong with them. I’m talking about the humans here. Low self-esteem seemed to be rampant. There was mass hypnotism about all the things that could go wrong that left people paralyzed to take action and seeking numbness inducing substances and activities. Wow. They were made to feel shame about what others in their country had done. What others in their race were like. Their religion or lack of such. Gender. Age. Sexual Orientation. The training of humans to despise themselves and  focusing on the worst parts of their so-called natures. There were even games and entertainment that emphasized that humans were the laggards and assholes of the universe, not to be trusted and deserving of abuse and trickery.

Almost everything was pointing them away from self-empowerment. Guilt and hopelessness was instilled and left them easily to manipulate. The machinations are palpable in the images and words in these old documents about how we got to this place of every fucking thing being about survival and business.

Sure there were a few dissenting voices to living in the misinformation and illusion; they seemed to have been dismissed, ridiculed or ignored. It’s given me hope; I want to go back and then move forward in their timeline.