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Arriving in County of Coventry

Refusing to accept conditions, Wren packed her belongings including her dagger and the coins she’d saved from gathering items for the old woman and her tips from working in the tavern. Finding passage on a small ship, she traveled to what was called the County of Coventry.

Sitting In The Square And Getting A Feel Of The Place

Wren was relieved to see what appeared to be a thriving economy and a sense of cleanliness and order.

Wren Loves Food!

With her practical skills, there might be places that could employ her.

Healing Places

Seamstress Shop

She wanders about the city, looking at the candle shop, Alchemists, butcher shop and the Great Hall.


As she looks about the area she meets a Knight who is courteous and asks if she needs assistance.

[13:40] “I am tending to my yard right now, but feel free to look around. The Countess of our lands lives yonder.” (pointing to the neighboring house)

Wren meets the Countess and has a brief and cordial conversation.

“I am Lady Dulci, the countess of these lands. And truly, we do try to be hospitable and as safe as can be here.”

Wren had made an inspection of the Inn earlier and is surprised and pleased when she’s encouraged to stay there a few nights in order to get a feel for Coventry. She considers this, although she wants to continue with her travels having lost a great deal of trust during the last few months.

After another meal and a rest by a stream she continues her touring of the land, enjoying a walk in the nearby woods. Feeling quite at home in the outdoors, she’s easily able to run from the wild animals she encounters.

[13:52] BADGER-H5 v2.00: Challanging PearlGrey Resident

[14:00] Wild Boar: Challanging PearlGrey Resident

[14:05] Stag: Challanging PearlGrey Resident

[14:07] Grey Wolf: Challanging PearlGrey Resident

“Now if only people were so easily dealt with.”

She returns to the Inn and makes arrangements to stay a few nights.