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(( Photo taken at InSilico North ))

Grey takes a final look around the storage unit, presses a few buttons on the security system to close it and then quickly stores the access code in the data pad. With a blank look on her face she takes images and fingerprints of the three guys who’d just moved her things from her apartment into storage. Some of her belongings would be valuable on the black market ~ the antique volumes, the paintings, the figurines that had been in her family for generations.

With an intent study of their faces, meant to let them know that she’d attempt to track down anyone who’d try to rip of her stuff ~ sure it’s only stuff, but it’s the only connection she has left with her family and her past ~ she turns her attention to her data link once again. The three Orcs retrieve their links from pockets in their massive jackets and watch their screens as Grey taps out the transfer of credits from her account to each of theirs.

The transaction completed, she nods politely at them before they turn to go. A few more taps on the screen and she checks her to-do list. Some things must be left undone. Preferring to actually speak with her landlord before leaving the island, she exhales and lets that one go, not having seen the woman in months.  The woman doesn’t even indicate she receives messages.

Grey returns to her former apartment and leaves a note indicating that the keys can be picked up at the Tea House. Picking up her go-bag, she hurries over to the Golden Dragon to leave final instructions to her staff and for a quick inspection of the premises. All seems to be well at the moment. Checking the time, she makes her way to the docks. She doesn’t look back at the island which has been her home for the last few months. Climbing into the watercraft, she compulsively checks for her gun and her knife. Still there, although not much help if they end up in the water with the sharks.


After the ride to the mainland, she carefully gets her land legs back on the dock. The watercraft had been cramped and overloaded with who-knows-what contraband. It had left her enough funds for relative freedom and security though, unlike the cost of a helicopter ride on short notice.

Grey goes to an information kiosk for current information on local conditions. She’ll find a hotel and then a meal. She reaches up with a manicured hand to her left temple where she’ll have the data jack implanted. Even for a non-techie, the amount of data necessary to navigate life had become overwhelming. Conditions were such that it had been foolish for quite some time to depend on external devices.

Trying not to think too much about never seeing New Gomorrah again ~ what the hell use is it to her without her friends anyway ~ she gets the hotel room, the meal and scopes out the neighborhood.  “Not gonna be living here,” she mutters to herself, stepping over some litter in the street.