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Am I Dreaming? That Looks Like My Other Home.

August 30, 1892

The hot cup of tea I hold in my hands as I look about the scattered items all over the floor feels real. I can smell the scent of Jasmine and taste the subtle flavor, sweetened with a bit of honey. But I cannot seem to trust all my senses and I must confess that for awhile I believed there would be a semblance of normal every day life here. Here being Serenity Falls.

I’d planned to travel to Serenity Falls upon occasion for business and socialization from my home in Torn Oak but the nightmares I had there were increasingly disruptive. I would awaken in a panic and it felt like the house was spinning. Several times I dreamt that the entire roof was gone.

It was bothersome enough that I brought my potion supplies here by ship, waiting for them after traveling through a portal. I’ve read, napped and watched the  stars from my balcony, looking forward to focusing on my work. When the ship had delivered my possessions, I diligently crafted my lotions but when it was time to return I felt such a sense of foreboding that I chose to stay here for awhile  longer.

Then it became apparent that I needed warmer clothes due to freakish storms and I missed some of my books as well. Contacting the Captain of the ship who knew of my home, I arranged for another few crates of my things to be delivered to me here. A few days ago he returned with the strange pronouncement that Torn Oak was no longer there. The harbor where his ship had always docked was not to be found and his navigation instruments were otherwise reliably operating.

The Captain had always been trustworthy before and I didn’t quite know what to think. Then the view on the horizon here seemed to be changing through the swirling mists and my dreams became very strange once again. I have doubted my sanity, something I thought I was beyond after everything I’ve been through.

So I keep myself very busy with my books, lotion crafting and puttering about. When I stand on my balcony and squint my eyes I can almost see my beloved cottage on the far hill. I’ve been too frightened to explore further and I dare not mention it to anyone lest they see it as a sign of instability and weakness.

If the strange vision continues I might ask my neighbor, who is a Doctor, for some sort of medicinal relief.