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Cyber-Punk Character Offering Support To My Victorian Gentleman Neighbor As He Moves In Next Door.

My Real Life is becoming very busy. At the same time, there is rapid ongoing changes in the sims I play on, some of which I might not care to continue with. I feel like a mushroom. You know, being kept in the dark and fed shit.

I have intentions of exploring role play for awhile and also of keeping up this blog. The blog will have to reflect my choices and changes and I’ll attempt to restrain myself from too many details of my process. I really do work at a balance of writing for others and also for myself here.

There are improvements to be made in my photographs. I recently discovered I had my graphics set to LOW. When I moved the setting to HIGH, suddenly I saw candle flames and sparkles on the water. I don’t care for how long it takes to rez things though.

Some people I talk to in SL have simply vanished recently, not logging in at all and I’m learning that’s not unusual.  I don’t give out my real life info or skype or e-mail, so really I guess I don’t need to know why.  I’m just going to behave like I’m really cool about it, as though all is well, which it very likely is.

Curtains ~ the first thing I ever made

It just happened. While helping my neighbor furnish his place, I got a quick lesson in making something–dragging a curtain texture onto a stretched cube to make these curtains. I’m so proud! There are so many fine creators in SL that I think I’ll leave it to them though.

I found a blog about Second Life that was started several years ago before I even knew SL existed and I’ve very much enjoyed reading it. I’ve read the archives from 2008 — 2010 so far.

I hope Second Life continues for awhile but I’m getting used to things ending, as many of us are.