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I'm a Winner!

Oh I Really Really, Really Want Things To Go My Way ~ Image Credited to UW Digital Collection on Flickr Commons

I’m not a gamer but I role play in Second Life. Yesterday evening some of the people I spend time with there were focused on Guild Wars 2 which was available for pre-order to be released on the 28th.

I’ve encountered all kinds of behavior in Second Life resulting from emotions and attitudes as well as becoming triggered myself.  I tend to believe that when something triggers me it has not so much to do with what’s going on in the moment; instead it’s connected to ways I’ve been wired in the past. When I’m motivated enough I use what I’ve learned about myself to clear things out and upgrade my emotional intelligence skills.

Besides brain wiring, I believe that some of the emotions are affected by the snacks one is choosing while engaged. Sometimes the other players share info about what they’re eating and drinking and it’s certainly not the same choices that I make.

Recently I’ve read an enjoyable and thoughtful post about emotions and gaming. It is also somewhat applicable to role play in simulated worlds. It was written by a blogger who plays League of Legends and covers negative types such as The Blamer, The Downer, The Indifferent/Silent One, The Pompous One, The Rager, The Scapegoat, The Troll, and The Try-Hard.

A different sort I’ve encountered in the worlds my characters live in are The Queens and The Lords and while I respect that someone has created a world for us to play in, there are limits to the homage I can muster up. I’m just an equality-for-all kind of woman at heart, although when it comes to play I’ve found I’m a minority.

The guide also gives tips on cultivating positive attitudes and moods and while long, has lots of cat pictures interspersed for your amusement.