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The New Apartment on an Island With Lighting to Accommodate Vampires, Demons and Drow

August 23, 1892

I don’t wish to have the magical secrets revealed to me that accomplished the demolishing of the building in which I lived here in Serenity Falls and the rising up of a new one. Many of my belongings are in the cottage in TornOak but it was still quite a labor to supervise the group who assisted me in with the packing and subsequent unpacking. I must say that I’m pleased with the new place and it quite got my mind off the rumblings and rumors of ever-impending doom.

Even though the lack of light here has drawn the Vampires, I find that I must venture out at times. Indeed it’s the desiring of company that has led me to live part-time here instead of hiding away in my cottage. One such pale creature spoke with me the other evening and I firmly made it known that I recognized what she was and that I thought it vulgar and pathetic for one to not even carry on a stimulating conversation but simply size me up for what I might do for them or what they might do to me.

Later I went into the city proper for a meal in the tavern and in no time some familiar faces from the old, destroyed London ventured in, although as usual there was some sort of distress or agitation going on in their minds. At least one of them is still human; the others were obviously not. I felt quite social until the tentacled and winged ones arrived; then I became more reserved.

I survived the evening and slept rather well. Still alive and still human.