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Pearl’s First Avatar When She Was Rezzed on August 27, 2011

Pearl ~

Yes, that’s a pixel raccoon.  Pearl Grey’s one year rez day anniversary is Monday. This photo wasn’t taken her first day. It would be awhile before I figured out how to take photos or even take any interest in them at all. There’s a steep learning curve in Second Life and I’m not good with tech stuff anyway.

Pearl was actually a raccoon for at least a month. When picking a starter avatar I knew I didn’t want to be a robot or a vampire. Eventually she began to transform into a different appearance. I got her a freebie female shape and skin and have  done some upgrades over the months. I’ve worked at keeping her safe as she’s evolved into the explorer and staunch believer in authenticity and freewill that she is today.

Blogging ~

Akismet has blocked a lot of spam. It’s been worth taking a glance at some of it as some of the comments have not been spam and it feels good to get friendly feedback on a post. I’ve discovered a few good blogs that way by paying attention.

I’ve selected some photos from Flickr Creative Commons for this blog, taking care to credit the photographer. On their Flickr page I’ve commented that I’ve shared the photo in a blog post, but have discovered that I’m not allowed to post the URL there. I would think those photographers would like to know how their pictures are being used so I’ve left info so they could find the posts here if they do a little work.