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In The Eye of the Beholder
(Image Credited to tortuga767 under flickr Creative Commons License)

Not every day is sparkling.  There is a quiet beauty to many days that some overlook. I’m weary of pointing that out to people who look at me as though I’m full of crap. I’ll do a courtesy to everyone and turn my attention away from their litany and instead choose to simply live as a unit of humanity who deals with what is and makes the most of what is available. Most of the time anyway.

When I think less and instead feel my way forward, my life gets better. What I feel is that some people look better in my rear-view mirror.  I move on and am less likely to get sucked into their blahs. We all have them but there’s stuff to be done. Blahs usually happen before we get new insights that we might miss if we’re too busy whining and reaching for those soft addictions. We’re all on a journey and those who want to explore a path of misery and negativity are free to do so.

What I’m transforming this week is the level at which I’m willing to hang out with other people’s stuff.  I don’t want to use a lot of energy fending off their gloom and doom. I’d rather experience the richness, the subtlety and the authenticity of life, that undercurrent of humming eternity. Even if it isn’t hyped-up, unleashed amaze-balls all the time.