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Look at What Lights Up for You

Sometimes things that I’d normally ignore light up for me in a way that instead of dismissing it as useless, I bother to check it out.   I’ve found it a good instinct to trust.

I find entertainment and play necessary and good for my health and my spirit. I deliberately choose what will likely do the least harm, avoiding the more addictive, disturbing and dark forms of entertainment.

But this week, nothing much sounded fun. Reading was too difficult, people were moody, the air quality was bad here and things that are supposed to be funny weren’t. Oddly enough, I got really interested in something, something that I’ll never, ever go all out for. Some information on the raw food diet became fascinating, in a way that some forms of entertainment usually does.

I’ll never eat 100% raw food and I’ll never be a vegetarian. But I did pick up some useful information that is making me tweak some things with my food choices and I have a better understanding of how my body works. And I learned it in a way that held my focus and attention.

I think sometimes we wonder about how to improve our lives and maybe forget to pay attention to how the answers show up for us. I’ve never been interested in this  information before and now I’m done with it for awhile. I’ll just follow through on what I’ve decided.

Nothing is fun when you haven’t taken good care of your health.

Then I  remembered something sure to give me some laughs. I started watching the first season of The Big Bang Theory again. The guys have met Penny. Leonard and Sheldon have tried to get her television back from her ex. They’ve crept into her apartment in the middle of the night and tidied it up. And that elevator was out of order from day one.