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Exploring the Castle

I’ve been enjoying summer while it’s here. Winter will arrive all too soon. Many are going on journeys from Winterfell, to the Wall, hunting and such so I’ve had a leisurely time exploring and learning what I need to more easily survive.

I’ve found hiding places, herbs and berries in the forest. The old woman I forage for gives me a few coin and some meals and a place to stay. It appears that I may work a few shifts at the tavern now and then. The Nobles are fairly easy to tiptoe around at this point. If they want to do all the work themselves, they will surely treat the smallfolk reasonably well.

So I’ve got a good look at the castle while everyone was out and busy. A sight I will surely not forget.

Whatever else happens, in this moment I know what peace and safety feel like and I let it soak into all my being.