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Sometimes Insights are Not Meant to be Shared.

It’s interesting how often those I encounter online seem to be in the same mood as those I encounter in real life. The last few days I’ve become aware of people feeling that what they do is pointless.

Is it the tiresome heat of August? The smoke which has greatly affected the air quality where I live has had an adverse effect on my productivity and perhaps I’m simply tuning in to a discouraged vibe in others.

People have been working hard on projects and not getting much notice. More than once I’ve heard, “I don’t know why I bother.” That’s somewhere I avoid going to because it hasn’t helped much at all in the past.

I tend to be a reflective person although I can power through on auto-pilot for awhile like anyone else. The thing is, sometimes when I go within and get some insights and inspiration it isn’t always useful and appropriate for someone else.

Sharing is good but people need to learn the skills to get through these times in a way that works for them. I don’t really believe in one-size-fits-all. We all have different baselines for how we function.

Two things I’ve been using as a work-around and sort of aid this week~ this week of clumsiness, fatigue, confusion and dull headache are:

1. I ask myself after a less than stellar block of time: “If I knew that there was something permanently wrong with me and I’d always function at this level, how would I wish to treat myself?” It’s often easier to treat others with compassion, encouragement and patience than it is to show up that way for ourselves.

2. As I plod forward to do something that I’m wondering the value of, I tell myself and the universe or whomever might be listening, “All right, I’ve rested and contemplated but I refuse to wallow and curl up in a fetal position losing any sort of momentum. There might be something much better for me to do and until I’m aware of what that is, I’m going to do this which I’ve started. Feelings are important but they can’t run my life.”

If those work-arounds might help you get through the next result you’re critical and disappointed in yourself for or that thing you don’t feel like doing, you’re welcome to them.