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Sitting at a Picnic Bench on a Warm Evening

The sprained ankle is healing well enough and I made the most of the situation. I got some ice packs and pain meds in the clinic and have been laying around at home, reading and napping, letting the staff handle the Golden Dragon.

Fortunately my name wasn’t mentioned in the Otaku News as one of the citizens who fought off a strike team at the docks.  The Mages were throwing their magic all over and at one point I was unconscious on the ground. Someone revived me and soon after I got my injury trying to rouse one of the Regulators, a massive Troll. I kept nudging him in the ribs with my toe, got spooked by a noise and when I stepped back, my ankle twisted.  Mine was the least of the injuries and I got some disturbing glimpses of just how messed up some of the other residents on this island really are.

I’ve been lounging, checking out the latest L.A. fashions on the link and applying new nail polishes. Then I got kind of bored and wanted to go to the tea house. I had to backtrack and make a detour over to The Cat Scratch Club after seeing guys in suits loitering in front.  And wouldn’t you know there had to be trouble there too. An Ork, an Elf and a Human were after that Troll. They said it was just biz and the rest of us wouldn’t get hurt if we stayed out of it. But it didn’t go down that way, of course.

I had no weapons with me, not even kicking boots, being in my getas to let my toenail polish dry. It was all handled in due course and we just partied for awhile after.

People new to the island keep finding their way to The Dragon. Most are living on the street and are in dire need of using the showers and baths. My kind nature gets the better of me and I let them in at no charge rather than having security toss their dirty asses back out on the street.

I’m sure I’ll regret it some day when I’m in need and they charge me for every little finger they lift on my behalf. Mercenary bunch that they are.

These people that get in the water at the Bath House need to be responsible for all their augmentations. I know nothing about that stuff and there’s a decent clinic here now.

I’m being lenient enough letting them keep their weapons nearby and tromp all over the tatami flooring with their big ole boots. Manners are too much to ask of this bunch, but my life is here now and I’ll handle it as best I can.