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There’s a lot of excellent content on wordpress as there is elsewhere on the web. Today is a sort of media fast day for me again in order to give my mind a rest.

Twitter is so filled with spam anymore that I simply rarely check it. I’m interested in what’s going on in the world but not to the point where I become numb and I automatically check feeds. No stranger to hard work, I’ve become more aware of when I become fatigued and of the diminishing returns from pushing ever onward without down time.

Doing with less unessential stuff in order to not work so hard is just fine with me. I’ve experimented with making do with less for five years from both choice and necessity.  It took me awhile but I’ve learned to feel safe that I’m keeping up enough and that my world won’t fall apart if I don’t have and do all that advertising says I must. Trusting myself, my values and my inner voice hasn’t put my life into a disastrous tailspin. Struggling to keep up with some image isn’t worth the toll it would take on my health.

Today I’ll rest and enjoy, even though everything isn’t perfect. Life is uncertain enough to not postpone living. My mind works so hard to do what it thinks it has to do to hold it all together and slogging through endless information and spam isn’t how I want to spend the day.

When I tune back into the world of media content it will be in a more refreshed and focused way. It’s called taking responsibility.