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Have you gotten your weekend off to a great start?

I guess I haven’t looked at myself closely in the mirror lately and yesterday got a glance and saw that my recent diet excess has taken a toll on my appearance as well as how I feel. It is quite visible. Also I haven’t been avoiding the late night, low-light screen flickering I wrote about recently.

Life is intense and I think most of us need to turn to some escape for blocks of time. I mean the kind that leaves our hands, imaginations and minds focused on something else other than our challenges and I choose more healthy routes when I can.

This week I went to see Hope Springs which opened on Wednesday. I really needed to see something without car chases or explosions and the like. My new Diana-Mini Lomography camera experience had turned into an ordeal instead of fun. I wanted to sit in air conditioning in the dark and be entertained.

Tommy Lee Jones is simply a treasure and Meryl Streep is great as always. The film deals with a mid-life married couple and the sex and passion that has died in their relationship. Much of it is warm and humorous. There are some uncomfortable moments where it seems all too real and likely hits close to home for couples who can relate.

The characters were always likable for me and I wanted them to thrive in the end.  As the marriage counselor, Steve Carell plays the role straight. Looking back, the awkward and painful moments when I really didn’t want to go there with them weren’t so bad in the overall film. There was more laughter and the ending was uplifting and hopeful, which if you’ve been reading this blog you know that I’m all for.

I’ll say it again~Yes, we can shine light into dark places and take a good look. Anyone can do that and then just walk away and leave people in misery and a low vibration. Having the intelligence and wherewith-all to take people on the journey to solutions, hope and upliftment is true genius and talent.

I appreciate that this film was made, that Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep acted in it and that I got to see it.