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Pearl Checking Out the Buffet Table at the Midsummer’s Night Fair in Serenity Falls

August 5, 1892

The pages of my first journal have been filled. Much has happened to me since I began writing on the smooth sheets in order to ease my loneliness and calm my thoughts. Indeed when I began I feared I would not live to finish it.

This journal is quite different, not a ladylike one such as before but one of moleskin, something purchased in an exotic city where the ship I was traveling on docked for two nights.

Yes! I may travel now, although I dearly love to spend days in my cottage puttering about. It has been confusing, this strange situation with the calendars. Perhaps I hurt my head in some accident or had my memory interfered with but I’m told it’s 1892 and so I shall go along with that.

One of the cities I’m able to travel to involves some business with a portal~not my favorite sort of experience. While there, I’ve seen some familiar faces from the old London and some of them remember me. They behave more or less as strangely as ever.

Seeing that there are business opportunities there~and finding business more rewarding than matters of the heart~ I’ve rented a small apartment to stay in while I’m on the island.

Quite a few of the populace I’ve seen have wings. Large wings and small wings and there are tentacled people as well. Accustomed to being different by now, I have no desire for extra body parts or appendages and am content to remain as I am. Indeed the very idea is as disagreeable to me as would be having those appendages that males are so enamored of. No thank you!

The place is an island called Serenity Falls and I don’t recall ever reading about it in my studies at the Abbey. There appears to be much to do there. I was even asked to write a small piece for the Gazette about the Midsummer Nights Fair that was held recently. There were many in attendance I did not know but the article was accepted and I’m quite proud of it!

I can’t help but wonder what has become of some of the people I used to see on the streets of London. Perhaps our paths will cross once again.