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Path I Got to Lay Down for a Sim Remodel.

It’s been a busy week. For my time in Second Life, I’ve set my timer for one hour, changed the avatar’s appearance for the appropriate era/sim and posted in the residents group chat an indication that I’m ready to play. I work on other things and if no one’s shown up in an hour, I log out. Examples:

Legacies Nexus; TornOak~

Pearl Grey smiles as the crewman from the ship sets her bags down on the docks in TornOak. She fetches a few coins from her reticule for him and looks around at the immediate area noting the subtle changes in the season. Shaking her head at the sheep who are making themselves quite at home, she picks up her bags and makes her way up the hill to her cottage until she sees Harlequin jumping about in his exuberance. She stops to pet the little dog and get her face thoroughly licked as she gives him a message from Glori. Continuing on, she places the bags just inside the door of her cottage and pauses a quiet moment, determining that all is well. Counting the coins she has left, she turns to go to The Thorned Rose for a meal and to hear any news from her time away from the island.

(( This brought about a friendly IM with a promise of future rp and then someone else showed up to talk to Pearl. There’s a sim remodel going on and I got the offer to OOCly volunteer to lay down a path near my cottage. It’s more difficult than it looks and was a great learning opportunity.))

Legacies Nexus; Serenity Falls~

Pearl Grey packs her bags, leaving them near the door in her apartment in Serenity Falls. Putting her keys, journal, pencil, medicine bag and a small dagger in her reticule, she leaves for a light meal near the square. She pauses for a moment just outside the door, alert and apprehensive and then smiles at her old cautious habit. “Surely, not needed here,” she murmurs to herself. As she walks down the stone steps set into the hill towards the shops in the square, she ponders what fare might be filling yet not invite queasiness. For soon she’ll be boarding a ship that will take her to a portal connecting her to her home in TornOak. Mentally she reminds herself of messages to deliver there, in particular a report of the Midsummer Night’s Fair for the paper and a message to Harlequin from Glori about not chasing too many squirrels.

(( Very successful; several hours of enjoyable roleplay ))

Winterfell (7k)~ If they have a residents chat group for In Character play, I haven’t seen it. There is an Out-Of-Character group that gets some chat activity. This is what I would have posted with my avatar was in the tavern the evening before the party I posted about yesterday:

Wren stands up straighter, her eyes darting around the tavern as she sizes up the crowd. She listens to the instructions of the serving girl who’s giving her quick training for her job attending to the Umber party to be held the next evening.
She’s willingly agreed to accept a simple meal of field greens, oxtail soup, a bit of yellow cheese and black bread in lieu of wages plus any bit of coin from the customers. Being obviously clean and healthy, she’s assured the ones in charge that while not used to crowds, she’s accustomed to hard work and doesn’t tire easily. Smoothing her hair down she shadows her trainer, watching how she carries what she serves. Blinking rapidly, she listens to requests given in both rough and polished dialects through the noise in the room.

Gomorrah; Runners Haven~

Grey clomps along in her getas, reading her commlink and taking quick glances at the sidewalk ahead to make sure she doesn’t bump into anything that will smudge her toenail polish. Rounding the corner to the Tea House, she abruptly stops as she sees two middle-aged Asian guys with identical suits, tats, shades and haircuts. Both are drinking canned iced tea and appear to be waiting in front of the entrance. “Damn, not today!”, she mutters, and then swears again as someone slams into her from behind. She feels someone pawing her and shoves him away–Rufus, the disgusting slob that works at the S-Mart. “Back off or get your face clawed up,” she hisses at him. Backtracking, she cuts through Mourningwood park, stepping around some junkies and being careful of her toenails. She heads towards Cat Scratch for a drink and some time to decide her next move.

(( There were two people in the club when Grey got there and more showed up. An Ork, an Elf and a Human attacked the small group so there was something going down in not much time. Amazingly no one had to go to the clinic for repairs. ))

Otherwise, I showed up for my life and lived it like it matters. Which it does.