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It’s Too Uncomfortable on the Bandwagon

In order to change something you need to be aware of it. In order to be aware of something you need to be present in the moment.

Here are some new unacceptable situations for me:

~ Taking any sort of notice of people who mock me.  It’s just a habit, something I used to do because I learned to under the age of five and was so busy paying attention to a lot of other things over the years that I never really dealt with it. It isn’t funny, isn’t helpful and there’s no point in taking those people seriously.

~ Helping people because they ask me to and then watching them have a snit because  things don’t turn out the way they want without ever acknowledging my help.

Of course everyone deserves to live their dreams, have encouragement and support and have nothing rain on their parade. Yes, the Universe can support their goals but they don’t always get to say when, through who, how and how much. Sure, they may be amazingly talented and all that but I don’t want it taken it out on me when they aren’t received as an instant celebrities.

I’m NOT sorry that my efforts weren’t enough to transform THEIR life. I’ll use my resources elsewhere.

All I have to do is move on when I notice these situations happening. I don’t need to get angry or blame or explain. It can be easy.

What’s on your list?