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A Restful Landscape

I’ve calmed down from my exuberant, for me, post of yesterday.

Today is my day to recharge my batteries, let go of trying and pushing myself and allow the space for new ideas and inspiration to be noticed.  Of course if I feel wildly creative I’ll follow that instead of making myself wait for later in the week. That would be foolish.

I write for fun. Some of my readers are author/bloggers. Recently I came across a brilliant idea right here in a wordpress blog as a solution for coming up with blog images that one won’t get sued for using. Yes, there are other free resources online and I’m not willing to put time into looking all over for them.

This idea was created by author Kristin Lamb and she wrote an excellent post about it on August first, I believe. Her blog has excellent tips for writers and she’s created a flickr group called WANA Commons where author/bloggers can get blog images by giving credit to the photographer who is likely another writer and blogger here. Her post can explain it much better than I just did.

(Yes, it’s still on my list to learn to provide good looking links.)

I read a variety of blogs here, some are quite serious. Recently I was enjoying a rather archival one with photos that showed an object that was functional and cleverly made to appear as something else.  The caption under the photo was surely meant to describe it as “well-disguised” instead of “well-disgusted”. It could happen to any of us and gave me a bit of amusement.

Now, to take good care of myself with whatever kind of balance I need for the rest of the day. I hope you’re having a mighty fine day as well.