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I’ve organized this blog better so readers and potential readers can more easily pick and choose their areas of interest.

For the Shadowrun sim that the avatar Grey plays in, I ordered a used copy of the Fourth Edition core rulebook. I’ve never played the rpg board game that the sim is based on. My character is a “normal” human but flipping through the book I see I can pick up a few things that will help the authenticity. I intend to  post on Mondays about what’s happening to Grey.

For the Winterfell (7k) sim that Wren Alycone plays in I’m very slowly reading both Game of Thrones and Clash of Kings for more of a sense of the world. My character will hang out in the forests and be having a life by herself for awhile if need be. I’ll admit to having a bit of a problem with that roleplay sim. After talking with a game admin there, I’ve learned that the Nobles simply can’t abuse the smallfolk and cut Wren’s tongue out and chop her fingers off for real or imagined slights. He said the person who told me that is an idiot. I’ll be writing Wren’s story on Wednesdays and now that she has some back-up, perhaps it will be more interesting.

Now that the Legacies 1891 sim is gone and many of the players have scattered, the Legacies Nexus is forming. My first character ever, Pearl Grey plays in this dark Victorian sim. TornOak remains, which is a light and magical place and Pearl has had a home there for awhile. The other half of this Nexus is a place called Serenity Falls which is darker and can accommodate demons. I’m not sure yet if Darkens and Vampires can exist there.

Last week I impulsively rented an apartment for Pearl in Serenity Falls. The allotted prim count is low~100 prims per rental~out of necessity, and textures and scripts needed to be kept to a minimum. If you don’t know what that means, no matter. It just took some careful furniture shopping, which I don’t mind.  I stayed up until 5:00 a.m. setting it up which helped prompt my Saturday post on late night, low flickering screens and health.

Apparently Pearl is quite wealthy although not many are purchasing her hand crafted lotions and using her crystal ball scrying service. I suppose when the dark London went down and her hundreds-of-years-old employer disappeared, Pearl kept all the office funds. Now she’ll quickly be traveling by ship to and from the two places. Or perhaps some kind of portal? This makes three homes I have in Second Life and I must say that I enjoy them. I intend to update Pearl’s story on Fridays.

I’ll be posting on other topics the other days of the week. In my subjective mind it’s all connected although it seems not go along with a wordpress suggestion on focus of categories. While I do wish that my blog is helpful and enjoyable to readers, it is my blog after all.