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It’s Wednesday, when I’ll be writing about my role play in the Second Life sim of Winterfell (7k). It’s a challenge getting established in that community. I’ve decided to make several forays in and simply write and let go of any expectations of interaction. Here’s a typical way someone else might do that:

Wren groans as she creakily moves her cold, stiff and achy body from it’s cramped position of sleeping behind a barrel in the noisy and smelly barn. She hears and feels her stomach growling from hunger and her mouth is parched with thirst. Feeling despair and weary from constant fear, she idly picks straw and bugs out of her hair as she shivers from the cold.

But I don’t want to write that. Here’s what I wrote:

20:08] Wren Alcyone stretches and awakens from her nap under the shade of a large tree. She yawns, gets up and folds the thick blanket she’d been sleeping on. She stashes her belongings in a safe place and then gets a cool drink of water from a nearby well. Running her fingers through her long hair, she approaches the home where she’s been doing odd jobs. After a short meeting with the woman of the house in which Wren shows her the pile of mending she’s done and gets instructions for which herbs the woman wants from the nearby forest, Wren accepts some coins, black bread and hard cheese which she wraps carefully in her bag

[20:11] Wren Alcyone pauses to get her bearings, noticing where she is in relation to the apples and bramble berries that she’ll pick for herself later. Having been keeping a low profile in this strange land because of the difficulty of understanding the locals, she cautiously decides to explore closer inside the city.

(( At this point I’m still standing rather close to the teleport entry and decide to turn to see if anyone is in range of my dialogue in local chat. I turn and see a naked female avatar with huge, huge breasts near the teleporter. ))

[20:19] Wren Alcyone walks past a guard she’d once talked to in the pub. Since he’s on duty and not likely to remember her, she walks on by with her head down but ever so alert. She sees what appears to be a servant standing in the street and continues on by, not feeling nearly as friendly and bold as she had when she first arrived here.

[20:23] Wren Alcyone casually inspects the meat and bread in the market stalls. Her mind flashes on the bacon and eggs the farm woman had served her for breakfast and she pats the bread and cheese in her bag. Yes, it’s still there.

[20:27] Wren Alcyone cautiously moves past the shops, the smith, the apothecary, and the weavers place. She nods politely, keeps her eyes down and says not a word.

[20:31] Wren Alcyone stops and kneels down and pretends to fix something with her shoe as a Noble walks by. Breathing a sigh of relief as he moves on, she bravely walks towards the square. Listening to a minstrel for a few moments ~ and what can be the harm in that? ~ she begins to relax a little more.

[20:34] Wren Alcyone generously places a small coin in front of the musician and moves on her way, ever alert.

[20:37] Wren Alcyone stops to enjoy the sight of some stabled horses, having a love of animals. She startles and turns as she senses someone nearby. Seeing a Lady in a nearby doorway, she quickly moves on keeping her head down before she’s accused of something.  (( Ha Ha ))

[20:45] Wren Alcyone slips quietly between the trees and buildings. Thinking how these city folk might have titles and wealth but arrogant, selfish ways. She fondly thinks back to the simple folk she’d known in the country. Being of an optimistic sort, she doesn’t wallow and look back too long. Knowing they’d always have a place in her heart she stays in the present and looks to the future.

(( At this point Wren the avatar fell off a cliff into some sort of camp. Wildlings? No one was about; I decided to simply explore as though everything is fine. Which really, it is. ))

[20:59] Wren Alcyone sits on a flat boulder in a sun dappled grove and leisurely eats her bread and cheese. Having picked a few bramble berries, she enjoys those as well. She drinks fresh water from a nearby spring and fills her flask. “I might be better off taking my chances with the legendary Wildlings rather than the Nobles of the city,” she tells a nearby bird.

[21:03] Wren Alcyone explores the forest more and then rests on another boulder, thinking how splendid it is that she’s able to be satisfied with her own company and the workings of her mind because she surely hasn’t found anyone kind and trustworthy here.

(( At this point Wren enjoys the birds for awhile; I enjoyed the streaming music. A Noble arrived nearby to lurk about. I typed in local chat in case he wished to rp. ))

[21:10] Wren Alcyone continues to enjoy the peace of the grove, feeling safe for the time being.

(( I’m not posting his writing here because I feel uncomfortable about doing that, although many others seem to be fine with it. ))

[21:16] The Noble takes note of Wren’s appearance and calls out a greeting.

[21:17] Wren Alcyone hears a male voice and looking up she quickly notes he appears to be a Noble. She lowers her gaze and curtsies and prays to her gods that she does nothing to offend him.

[21:18] The Noble smiles at Wren’s formality and sounds kind.
[21:20] Wren Alcyone smiles, feeling fearful of speaking. She glances around noting the lateness of the evening. She stands there with pounding heart looking like she’s ready to bolt and run.

[21:22] He seems charming and understanding of Wren’s mistrust. He offers to escort her into town so he won’t feel bad about leaving her in the unsafe woods.

[21:24] Wren Alcyone looks bewildered. “I did not fear you’d harm me. I fear I will offend you unintentionally. And I’ve felt more safe in these woods than in town, but I thank ye for your offer.” She stiffens in case something was not correct about her speech to him.

[21:25] He indicates understanding again, assuring Wren that he isn’t so picky about so-called commoners. (I find it really difficult to write as a commoner but from what else I’ve seen in roleplay I’m not going to worry about it.) Again he offers an escort into town and jokes about might having to make 14 offers.

[21:28] Wren Alcyone has the very slight beginning of a smile. “I wish not to weary you with fourteen offers. But I’m on my own and cannot afford to lose fingers and tongue from offending a Noble without meaning to. I shall go into town lest I be discovered torn from limb to limb out here.” She cautiously moves closer still ready to bolt and run if need be.

[21:29] He offers his arm, glad to not have to keep offering the escort into town.

[21:30] Wren Alcyone looks horrified at the impropriety of accepting his arm but still wishing not to offend takes it and prepares to be escorted to the so-called safety of town.

[21:31] He continues to not do anything ‘wrong’.

[21:32] They arrive at the pub, he slips her a few coins and asks her name.

[21:33] Wren Alcyone looks around nervously and quickly withdraws lest someone see her. “Thank ye again.” She looks gratefully at the coins, not being unused to generosity. “My name is Wren and I come from the countryside where the rivers are.” She curtsies again out of habit.

[21:35] He continues to be charming, mentioning her having a meal and drink on him with the coins. Seems to find her attractive.

[21:37] Wren Alcyone smiles and feels much relieved. Perhaps her new life would be all right after all.

(( He was pleasant enough. I didn’t leave feeling sarcastic and annoyed at having to treat someone as though they’re better than me. ))

(( Later I spoke with a game admin for the sim. He told me that the player who  recently informed me that Wren’s tongue could be cut out and her fingers chopped off for a real or imagined slight of a Noble is incorrect. This is the Kingdom of the North and the Nobles are not allowed to abuse the smallfolk. He cleared up all kinds of misconceptions and inconsistencies. They DO want people to play and want it enjoyable for all. Too bad many of the Nobles just stand there inside their Manses.))