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July 30, 2080

Drinking soykaf and trying to limber up this morning after the grueling run last night. Why did I think it would be so damn easy? I have abrasions on my knees and hands which sting, look ugly and make it hard to walk and do things as they scab over and heal.

I’m going to be more careful about carrying slap patches with me and anti-bacterial sprays. My injuries may not have been as serious as those of the others but I’m human and I got them in the SEWERS. Yeah, the simple run to find a runaway ended up in the sewers again with who-knows-what toxic stuff getting into my bloodstream.  No gangrene and amputations for me, thank you.

It sounded easy enough; find a runaway corps brat and return him safely for a huge reward. I thought we were going to split it but in the end we each got 10,000 creds which made the ordeal more worth it. I might spend it on getting my ink repaired unless the tat lady is greedy.

So we looked at some pics on an AR and got some basic info. There were some regulators, an Orc, a tech person, a doc, and a guy with HAIR on the team. Maybe some others. Most of them I’ve met, but people sure are different on a run. Different than when they show up at The Golden Dragon.

I think I was the only non-augumented person and the only human. I had my guns, although I didn’t think I’d need them and I wore a skirt which I thought would suffice. Man, was I ever wrong.  First we had to get a lot of smart-ass remarks out of the way. The first lead took us all to the Cat Scratch Club which was freaking crowded. We milled around looking at people; any one wanting to hide with any amount of sense would have been long gone.

I got a text to go check out the porn set and message back if I found any people there. Hello…..why would I know where the porn set is? I got lost AGAIN which is becoming an embarrassment and by the time I’d found it the others had shown up.

I overheard some disgusting remarks from inside which is adding evidence that lots of guys are lazy pigs. I thought we’re supposed to be a team but it’s dawning on me just how mercenary everyone is. They want to be Just Biz; I can be Just Biz and I’ll remember it when they’re in the Dragon. Make sure they pay and maybe charge them double. Or triple. And they can take their stinking boots off outside and keep them off the tatami floor.

The guys had time to squabble and pose but later in the sewers when I was disoriented, bruised and had rat poop and slime getting in my abrasions, all of a sudden we had to be efficient.  Not at all the kind of guys I read about in those old novels I have. Fine.

So after some threats we get the info that the corps brat was thrown down into one of the sewers. Disheartening. Wish I’d worn leather pants but no time to change. Which sewer entrance? We picked the right one but again with all the discussion. I figured out no one wants me to lead.

Anyway, we faced one danger after another. Crazed augmented killer cats. Found a ripped up ghoul. Heard more meowing coming from one tunnel and what sounded like the brat coming from another. Everyone’s skills came into play. I just have to trust they know what they’re doing but it’s scary when they take damage and begin to freak out and sizzle and twitch and their hardware quits working.

Most of our injuries came from a magical fireball. Two were hurt more severely than  I but aside from needing therapy for PTSD, we’ll likely survive. So with damaged tech, people questioning if it’s worth it and in various stages of breakdown, we finally find the brat. Bet he’ll never run away again.

And wouldn’t you know, we couldn’t just leave. Our way out was blocked by some gray-skinned ghoul thing the size of a troll, dragging an Orc body behind it. It had razor sharp teeth and seemed bent on our destruction.   Taking turns, we tried to bring it down with what we had left. Some of the others took hits from it’s huge arms. My first round had no effect and I jumped back and hid behind the Troll Regulator.

Next time around I got some good shots in as the ghoul troll had been weakened by magic and a knock down by another huge cyber Cat, which came out of nowhere and then took off down another tunnel. Some are saying we were used as bait by it to get the ghoul troll out in the open. The Cat’s likely still a danger to us all.

So relieved when it was over. Now I get why those people who do this for a living act so weird when they wander into the Dragon now and then.

I’ll never wear a skirt on a run again. I’ll take my own damned first aid kit and I’ll not ask for help since it seems to be Just Biz. For awhile I’ll hang out at home and read, put scar prevention gel on my wounds and wait for the weird dreams to go away.