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I’ll do what I want as much as possible today anyway. I’ve been very very responsible this week, like a grown-up with a minimum of complaining or explaining.

It’s very clear to me that a day to rest and chill is more important than having sparkling clean floors or all my e-mail read. It’s great to have floors and access to e-mail.

Yesterday I walked around the downtown of my city and looked at other people’s creativity at the farmer’s market. There was also a festival in the park with jewelry and the like. Street musicians out in the heat too.

It’s been essential to my sanity and health to be creative with something. I so appreciate being able to blog. To write and have it look neat and professional on a template online. Some things I’m not jaded about in this crazy world and can still enjoy like a kid.

One of the reasons I like my role play characters is that I’d like to be able to write fiction but I simply can’t seem to reach having several characters in a story with a plot and all that. The people I play with give me something to bounce off of and it gives me a sense of satisfaction.  I guess it could be said I have a sort of shadow creativity by writing and acting within a virtual world. The same with buying pixelated furniture in the Second Life marketplace and decorating pixelated homes.

One of my favorite ways to be creative is with cooking. I’m not always in the mood for it but it can be  fun and practical.

It seems that almost all the bloggers here are creative, making something positive out of something else. It makes for a nice balance with all the very necessary things we have to do.