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Grey Serving Tea and Talking Business in the Golden Dragon

July 23, 2080

Running a business sucks and I’m getting tired of it already. I’m drinking up the best tea and serving the soycrap to the customers cause I don’t think they know the difference. Worrying about the safety and happiness of the help, meeting the unreasonable demands of my suppliers and trying to keep the peace in this place is getting on my nerves.

After work I go to the Dojo and do some target practice and that makes me feel better as does sneaking into the Cat Scratch Club and doing a little dancing now and then.

I survived my first gig down in the sewers on a rescue mission last week. One of the trolls got into a bit of trouble along with some others. It was irritating when I was asked what my skills were and then part way into the mission I suddenly remembered—Oh yeah, I can shoot now. And shoot I did.  In the sewers and then later I blew a small boat out of the water. At least I didn’t make a fool of myself.

There’s a pilot who makes runs into Cali and might let me ride along so I can get off this hellish rock for awhile. Get a decent haircut, eat some sushi, check out the new nail polish shades and hang out in J-town a few days. Hope it happens. I need a break from counting the Koi to make sure no one’s been eating them and counting the fluffy towels to make sure they aren’t walking out of the bath house.