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Are you enjoying blogging? I am. I’m rather pleased with mine, no matter how it’s received.

I’ve never been competitive. It might partially be from growing up caring for younger kids and being supportive of them. It makes it difficult for me in Second Life role play that I don’t enjoy power struggles and conflict.

Some internet headlines draw my attention no matter how I intend to focus on what I’m doing. Like the one that mentioned that the rise in plastic surgery was connected to technology such as Skype where people are shocked at seeing themselves as they believe others see them.

More recently I’ve read that some celebrities do four and five hour workouts. And that others spend $100,000 a year on their appearance. There’s no way that I want to compare myself with them. When this life is over and I’m reviewing it I don’t want to see myself having spent lots of time looking around at what everyone else was doing and neglecting my own projects and creativity. Or having not appreciated what I had to work with and made something positive with it.

There are some really great wordpress blogs. Comparing what I’m doing to what anyone else is doing doesn’t do anything for me. I just want to enjoy my time writing here as well as reading.

In less than two months I now have more than 30 followers. How many are actually reading my daily posts though? I don’t really want to know. Daily posts are a lot to read, especially when readers are following multiple blogs.

What I’m going to do is make better titles so it’s more clear what the post is actually about. It can be easier to tell at a glance what the subject is so that if a reader is interested in the character Pearl Grey in the TornOak sim and not my interest in neuroplasticity they can pick and choose more quickly. There will still be some blending of subjects sometimes; I simply feel like making it more organized here.