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Yesterday I rested instead of using the day to catch up on the minutiae of my life. Last week I didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped for but I didn’t let it migrate into Sunday. The weather was in the triple digits again and according to internet headlines many of our fellow humans are behaving badly.

My attention turned from all the things I can do nothing about, to my sphere of  influence. It feels like I lived my life well this weekend. How about you?

Taking a break from my usual escape and entertainment, I watched all 20 episodes of Tom Hanks’ Electric City which is available on the web at this time. The episodes are usually between 4 1/2 and 6 minutes long and I believe I watched them all in under an hour. The episodes are animated; the story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. The current page has a character guide and a map. There are apps available for other communication devices, such as for sending secret code messages to friends.  With hovercraft, morning grain beverages and grid operatives, they’ve created quite an interesting little world.

There’s some graphic violence, usually stabbing with squirting blood. Little old lady revolutionaries kill with knitting needles and futuristic, deadly taser-like devices are used.

Much of the background artwork is beautiful and atmospheric and I especially enjoyed some of the very detailed interiors. I’m sure the whole thing took way more work that I can ever imagine but I like that the ways people express creativity are evolving and this looks more doable for groups of creatives to work on similar projects.

Humans learn through stories. The talent and skills in this project are way more than I can ever reach for in this life but I’m looking forward to viewing more quality projects such as this. I didn’t wish I had the hour of my life back.