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I just finished watching the end of season five of Doc Martin. All 38 episodes of the whole series are available at the moment. It’s filmed in Cornwall, in the seaside city of Port Isaac, called Port Wenn in the show.

It’s been an enjoyable and charming escape. I can see why tourists are choosing it as a destination now. The acting is excellent and it looks like real residents of Port Isaac are utilized as extras with smooth and natural results. There’s something about the pacing of the episodes and all the activity that’s going on that just drew me in. All the characters are believable people, not plastic and fake. There are interesting stories without a lot of angst, meanness and cruelty.

The end of season five had a happy ending and I believed it was the finale. Now I’ve read there’ll be one more season and I’m expecting it to end  on a satisfactory note.

Doctor Martin Ellingham is a flawed character played brilliantly by Martin Clunes.  He’s a difficult person but there’s hope for him. I recall when I first began watching  Monk and also House. They were fascinating characters in the beginning but they never really evolved, transformed and healed. By the time Monk ended I just wanted to slap the character. House just seemed sad and awful by the finale.

It sounds like this series will end while it’s still charming and fresh, after one more season. There weren’t any disturbing or vibe-lowering events in the show and I didn’t move on from an episode feeling anxious or depressed.

My taste in entertainment is such now that I can kind of understand why someone would take the audience through a sort of hell but why not have the creativity, intelligence and moxie to take them out through the other side in an inspiring and believably resolved ending?

Almost anyone can create miserable, depressing “entertainment” and just leave people there. Ugh. Remember, the subconscious doesn’t know the difference between reality and imaginary events. People can get addicted to miserable states of mind. It can feel like “home”.  It isn’t what I choose for myself.

I don’t regret one bit of the time and attention I’ve spent watching Doc Martin, something I can’t say about many other activities I’ve chosen. Sometimes my playing in the virtual reality of Second Life feels like work, with frustration, disappointment and other unpleasant feelings and I’m taking a break from it for a few days. I’m looking forward to watching the next and finale season of Doc Martin.