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Three kinds of people~

Those who desperately want to hang on to the status quo or have things go back to the way they were at some point in the past.

Those who find it simply too challenging and unappealing to carry on and are leaving the planet.

Those who are somehow managing to stay awake most of the time, roll with the punches and ride the shifts.

As an empath, I sometimes feel the need to retreat when many around me are becoming too restless, edgy, uncertain and erratic. Like a mental and emotional health day from the world. Certainly I’m feeling the need to step away from Second Life, from learning new things, from problem solving and from being online with the bizarre headlines.

I found a delicious sounding recipe for the slow cooker, with chicken, fire-roasted tomatoes, garbanzos, feta cheese and basil. I’ll prepare it, read and putter around my home today. All the interactive stuff I’ve been doing and writing about here will still be around later, if it’s something I really need.

My wish for you is that you’re feeling the freedom, security, peace and inspiration that is right for you at this time.