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Pearl Grey takes a final stroll through Vamporium, Legacies 1891.

My character Pearl, took a final stroll through the Vamporium sim in Second Life. I’m posting about it now because I doubt if I’ll want to do a rehashing, post-mortem later. The pictures are rather dark, as are the ones posted on my flickr page. As I’ve mentioned before, if I wait until I’m proficient at everything I’ll never get anything done.

The Vamporium sim was supposed to go “poof” at midnight SLT last night. I’m surprised to see it still standing as of now. Perhaps someone else has taken it over without the demolishing and rebuilding of it, for how long I don’t know. Most of the people in Legacies 1891 appear to enjoy very dark roleplay, where I do not and Vamporium is an excellent place for that sort of thing.  If it’s a group of people, well good luck with that. That may sound cynical, but I’ve been aware of much behind-the-scenes drama in my brief experience in Second Life.

Regular readers of this blog have likely noticed that I tend to look towards solutions, the light side and that I believe most of the chaos in the world is a shift towards a more evolved way of life. Things don’t transform until we’re aware of them and I don’t care to spray paint pink color and glitter all over poop and call it good.

I’m certainly not an expert at the things I blog about here. We teach what we most need to learn and this is what has my attention. My perceptions and awareness that arises from the weird virtual reality that is Second Life is nothing that anyone wants to listen to inworld, hence the blog. When a reader finds it useful, inspiring, entertaining or even if they disagree which clarifies something for them, that’s icing on the cake for me.

Just as in real life, sim ownership takes more work than might first appear. I’ve often been an outsider looking in, both in real life and SL. When people are involved in a project and no one’s on the same page and a few have to take up the slack and get burned out, things can dissolve quickly and sometimes after ugly words.  It’s even easier when it’s something like Second Life.

I’ll keep an eye on this. Of course, there’s much I don’t see behind the scenes and I have no intention of making this about gossip and other character’s privacy. Everyone eventually needs to learn how to effectively engage in group endeavors, whether in this timeline or another.