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Pearl and Borris, the Ghoulish Spectre and Maitre D at the Black Rose Cafe in Legacies 1891

Pearl said her good byes and good wishes to Borris, a NPC in the roleplay sim Legacies 1891. Borris was always consistent and served her many Roast Beef Sandwiches and Turkish Coffees.

Once she got past the creepiness of his appearance, she’d look forward to a good meal at the Black Rose  after she’d been working in Foxtrotter and Grey’s, stomping rats or giving direction and advice to the unfortunates who’d found themselves in the dark city.

Borris told her that he’s retiring and would be travelling to a place where there are very fashionable men’s clothing available at all times. He poured them both a glass of fine red wine and they shared a toast to the future. Pearl drank to that and Borris would have too, if he had lips.